Welcome to Deception Cafe & Grill

Deception Café and Catering is a small family café as well as a licensed caterer. We provide high quality, homemade food and a full range of services, from simple take-out to full service dining.

As a caterer we can accommodate groups of nearly any size. We can host your event at our own small (forty seat) restaurant or at the location of your choice.

You may choose from our nearly limitless repertoire of dishes ranging from hors d’oeuvres to salads, barbecues, roasts, seafood, vegetarian dishes and desserts.

We specialize in fresh, naturally and locally produced meats, seafood and produce. We are licensed to serve beer and wine.

We would be happy to help you plan a menu and service to meet your budget and your needs.

Please give us a call (360-941-3612) and ask for Kathy.